Daniel Gruneberg Of Zozi On Enabling Active Lifestyles

Daniel Gruneberg Of Zozi On Enabling Active Lifestyles

PSFK talks to the co-founder of a San-Francisco based service that allows members to come together to engage in outdoor experiences.

Kyle Studstill
  • 17 june 2010

zozi is a San-Francisco based service that allows users interested in living active lifestyles to come together to purchase outdoor experiences.  With zozi consumers get up to 80% off these experiences via group buying – which is when people come together to bulk purchase services or goods to obtain a great deal.

Watch a video explains of the service:

Co-founder Daniel Gruneberg shares his thoughts with us below:

What is your insight on how people are being guided by social services to lead more active/healthier lives?

People are guided in large part by marketing and media from those companies. At this point, you can’t read a paper, magazine, blog, tweet, or anything else, without a someone encouraging sustainability, community, and being healthy and active. Facebook and Twitter play a big role here as the information sharing is off the charts. The being active part is where zozi comes in, given we curate the best experiences locally and abroad, and bring it to consumers at up to 80% off.

What other social influences do you see driving this trend?

I think it’s a couple of things. First, the web is now a very social place, and those who have really incredible experiences are easily able to share it with hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people. It can be inspiring and drive action. Second, a byproduct of our social web is publicly available data, which leads to corporations, startups, governments and others publishing content about their their company’s efforts, which keeps them honest and motivated to make a positive impact. zozi is no exception, we donate 10% of our profits to local communities where we send consumers to help with food, clothing, and other initiatives like charity: water.

Are there any particular categories of activities you’ve observed generating a lot of interest?

Well, there are certainly a few activities that people are loving: sailing excursions, biking trips, diving, kayaking under the stars, and rafting, which fit into the categories of cultural, sustainable, and adventure. Close runners up including food tours, wine tours by bicycle, and yoga retreats — all of which are on

Thanks Daniel!


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