Dyson Challenges Air Conditioners With New Air Multipliers

Dyson Challenges Air Conditioners With New Air Multipliers
Design & Architecture

Air Multiplier technology gets scaled up to tackle more efficient room cooling.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 23 june 2010

James Dyson introduced two new Air Multiplier fan models last night in New York. The larger units are intended to provide air circulation and cooling to larger interior spaces. The new designs are based on the same technology used in the original desktop model introduced last October. Essentially a small motor and fan drive air up from the base through a series of channels which exit out of the fan ring. An increase in velocity of the air leaving the unit creates the ‘multiplier’ effect by pulling more stationary air with it.

The motor uses less electricity than a conventional fan. The units run very quiet. With about a dozen of them all running full blast at the gallery, barely any noise was discernible. We wondered what the limit to scalability could be with this type of fan. Interior designers generally despise ceiling fans because they are ugly. An Air Multiplier ceiling fan might not be so bad an idea. James?





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