Future Of Health: Heart Powered Tech

Future Of Health: Heart Powered Tech

With nanowires, energy created by movement could run electronics.

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 7 june 2010

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Research by the Georgia Institute of Technology may lead to the development of body-powered gadgets, Technology Review reports. A nano generator developed by researchers at GA Tech could someday be used to create to medical implants and sensors powered by heartbeats or even breathing. The movement caused by breathing or even the heart beating could flex special nanowires to create electricity and that power could be used to run electronics in or on the body.

Generating Power from a Heart

Over the next few weeks, PSFK is running a trends research and innovation project in association with UNICEF. We will be researching (with your help) the development of key trends that impact health and wellbeing and then using our findings to develop with partners concepts that UNICEF and likeminded organizations could consider deploying across the world.

Find out more here: PSFK presents the Future Of Health in association with UNICEF

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