Is this designer discounting bandwagon that otherwise respectable retail brands are jumping on, in fact the end of fashion?

I thought Nordstrom was a pretty decent brand as far as department stores go.  I know they’re not Barney’s, but I also know they’re not Filenes Basement.  So, why on earth would a fashion retailer with a brand image based on quality, make their debut in the most influential fashion city in the world, with a discount store?  Worse yet, a few stores down from Filenes and other quality fashion destinations like the Designer Shoe Warehouse, and Strawberry’s.

I went to their big opening day and was counted in by a welcome committee, which felt more like going through airport security.  I know why they do it, but being clicked into a store is never a good first impression.   I’ve also read the articles about their struggle to find the right real estate to open a regular Nordstrom, settling instead on a Nordstrom Rack to ease their way into the hearts of fashionable New Yorkers.

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