How To Disappear At Sea

How To Disappear At Sea

An underwater chasm designed for those seeking temporary disappearance.

Yofred Moik
  • 25 june 2010

At the Royal College of Art’s Thesis Show, Andrew Friend debuted an underwater chasm for those that seek momentary invisibility. This contraption creates a submersed shelter, harnessed right below sea level by a large floating fiberglass ring, to accommodate a single occupant desiring temporary detachment from society. This unorthodox concept of escape treads a fine line between therapeutic solitude and life-threatening deviation, but like skydiving and extreme sports, its sinkhole schematic will attract those looking to cure their hunger of thrills.

Andrew explains:

This device offers the individual opportunity for a safe, temporary disappearance, experiencing an isolation seldom found on land. The occupier of the device is absorbed into the chasm, disappearing from view beneath the water’s surface. The device examines the relationship between the known above, and the unknown/ imagined world below sea level.

Andrew Friend

[via core77]

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