Inflatable IMAX Theaters To Appear In The US And China

Inflatable IMAX Theaters To Appear In The US And China
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Developments in portable structures aim to entertain audiences across varied locations.

Francisco Hui
  • 24 june 2010

IMAX has plans to implement their first portable theater at a New York event this September and expand its offerings in China.

While images of the structure have not been revealed yet, their spokeswoman described it similar to a tennis bubble seen in the image below.

[The theaters have] inflatable exterior walls and come with full seating for an audience of about 450 people…the interior walls and ceiling come acoustically treated to ensure the sound quality of a normal IMAX film. Portable theaters will help IMAX tap into Chinese cities that sometimes have millions of residents but insufficient infrastructure for a standard theater.

dnews liberty park tennis bubble

This opportunity noted by IMAX CEO, Richard Gelfond, is similar to six other examples we’ve noted in our Future of Retail report, where retailers are taking the store to their customers.

Wall Street Journal: “IMAX Plans Portable Theaters for U.S., China”

image via Tom Smart

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