Is Bing Better Than Google For Musicians?

Is Bing Better Than Google For Musicians?

As TV and web merge closer into a single screen, how will search engines affect the way we discover and engage with content?

Francisco Hui
  • 24 june 2010

Bing has updated their Entertainment tab to feature more comprehensive results for movies, music, TV, and games.

Inside the browser, users can watch videos, preview entire songs, and play games. We noticed a particularly interesting layout to searches related to music.

lady gaga bing

If searching for Lady Gaga through Bing, the results include the expected sampling of songs. Users can listen to full songs and are encouraged to sign up for a Zune pass or buy the song through iTunes or Amazon. Other relevant links include tickets for concerts, videos, and photos.

lady gaga google

On Google, however, users are treated to a more text heavy layout. Like Bing, there are also links to videos and images, though buying songs and event tickets went through

While Bing appears to place monetization in front of users more prominently, videos and songs streamed more consistently through the Google search experience.

Will sampling a full song on your stereo system lead to more sales and subscriptions? Could users buy a pass to watch the live-streamed concert on their TV? As Google TV is integrated into TV screens, we wonder how search engines could potentially enhance a user’s experience with content discovery and help artists monetize their music.


[via ars technica]

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