Levi’s Pioneer Sessions

Levi’s Pioneer Sessions

The classic brand commissions contemporary artists to remake classic tunes, in celebration of its history and influence.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 22 june 2010

Levi’s has commissioned a dozen artists spanning multiple genres to record a song re-crafted from a classic tune that inspired their sound, for Levi’s Pioneer Sessions 2010 Revival Recordings. Artists including Nas, The Shins, Dirty Projectors and more. Two new songs will be made available per week as free downloads, over the course of six weeks beginning on May 22nd. Each song is paired with exclusive photos, behind-the-scenes video and additional content that “celebrates the enduring importance of the song and the influence it has across generations”.

This objective can also arguably describe Levi’s apparent intent for the campaign – a celebration of the enduring importance of the Levi’s brand and the influence it has had across generations – and strives to maintain. This branded entertainment campaign plays on the ubiquitous notion of nostalgia, aligning brands with music and making what’s old new again (including a brand).

We couldn’t help but notice that Doc Martens recently employed a similar strategy. A short while ago, we discussed Doc Martens’ 50th anniversary campaign, in which current artists reinterpreted classic songs associated with each of the five decades of the brand’s history – to the end of celebrating the brand’s punk past.


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