Malls Are The New Farms

Malls Are The New Farms
Design & Architecture

A Cleveland shopping center monetizes empty retail space in a novel way.

Lisa Baldini
  • 2 june 2010

In a downturn economy, mall’s have to be inventive about their revenue. When Cleveland’s Galleria at Erieview was faced with having to think about new revenue streams from unoccupied spaces, their solution focused on self-sustaining, DIY tactics: building an indoor farm. Dubbed as Gardens Under Glass, the new venture will provide produce to local businesses and restaurants within the mall, optimizing the sale distribution of the product. However, this experiment does come with difficulties, for while the mall’s glass roof does offer a good light source, the temperature requirements of the mall, in turn, limit the types of produced that Gardens Under Glass may offer. Consequently, they have to focus on “hearty” produce like tomatoes and herbs. Gardens Under Glass [via: Spectre Group]

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