Mobile Farmers’ Markets Growing In Popularity

Mobile Farmers’ Markets Growing In Popularity
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A twist on the traditional gathering offers fresh, organic and affordable food to all parts of a city.

Naresh Kumar
  • 8 june 2010

Good news for those who prefer fresh, organic food and also want to support local entreprenuers. Mobile farmers’ markets have started emerging in several cities in the US that offer fresh produce. Besides making organic, inexpensive food accessible to every nook and corner of the city, they also enable the farmers to work more efficiently as now, they only have to load the produce once.

Mark Lilly of Farm to Family is one such farm truck operation who says:

Farm to Family is about building personal relationships within the community and bringing people together. We source fresh local products while reconnecting people with real food.  We grow and source produce within the community, concentrating on quality chemical free products and buildings relationships with small local growers and producers. One of our goals is to have everyone growing their own food and using the bus as a vehicle to help sell and distribute their fruits back into the community in which it was grown.

Several other cities also have mobile farmers’ marketplaces which offer locally-made food at affordable rates. The Buffalo Grown Mobile Marketplace of Massachusetts is an example of a highly successful mobile farmers’ market which sold approximately 2,000 pounds of local, organic foods to residents of Buffalo’s West side in 2009.

Goodlifer: “Farmers Markets on Wheels”

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