NIKE Free Your Mind MK I: Healthy Brain, Healthy Body

NIKE Free Your Mind MK I: Healthy Brain, Healthy Body

Nike78 aims to encourage designers to challenge the function of a pair of Nike shoes.

Naresh Kumar
  • 22 june 2010

NIKE78 is a new project by UK-based graphic designer Paul Jenkins who was inspired by Nike and wanted to explore the use of sports as a creative starting point. Under this project, 78 pairs of Nike shoes were distributed to creative artists and designers from across the world, who were asked to challenge the function of the shoes. An exhibition titled ‘Nike78’ showcasing the designs is planned for London Design Festival 2010.

Wieden + Kennedy London, among the design studios participating in the project, created ‘NIKE Free Your Mind MK I’ out of the Nike Free Running shoe. The team noticed that the hyper-extended sole of the shoe looked in part like the human brain, with each section of the sole resembling the lobes of the brain. And that was the inspiration for their concept centered around the human brain and sport.

With their creation, they wanted audiences to ask themselves if a healthy brain was more important than a healthy body? And is there a point of a healthy body without a healthy brain? ‘Nike Free Your Mind’ aims to make us think about the power and importance of sport in making us feel good.


Wieden + Kennedy London

[via Designboom]

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