(Pics) Reviving The Hand-Sketched Napkin Map

(Pics) Reviving The Hand-Sketched Napkin Map

A mapping service offers a more human user interface.

Yofred Moik
  • 23 june 2010

Bing Destination Maps has introduced a clever Beta service that digitally renders makeshift maps that look like hand-sketched, coffee-stained napkins. By mimicking hastily written text that overlays texture from a napkin riddled with fold marks and coffee stains, it wins back the emotional context and personal appreciation often lacking from digital mapping services. The “low-techification” of user interface elements, such as truncated roads and omitted street names, preserves a navigational hierarchy on a napkin medium that is universally understood for travelers everywhere.

Bing Destination Maps

[via infosthetics]

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