(Pics) Cut-And-Paste Culture, Where The Promiscuity Of Images Reigns

(Pics) Cut-And-Paste Culture, Where The Promiscuity Of Images Reigns

Simmons & Burke create exquisite digital collages, treating the viewers to a unique audio-visual spectacle.

Naresh Kumar
  • 8 june 2010

Los Angeles-based collaborative artists Case Simmons & Andrew Burke design highly intricate digital image and sound collages.

Simmons & Burke’s first solo exhibition was called “You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth” and was displayed at the Kim Light Gallery in Los Angeles. These artworks were mashups of digital images collected from the Internet, popular culture and the history of art.

The gallery explains their work:

The visual and audio components are marked by an intricate collage aesthetic, assembled solely from content carefully collected from internet sources. The artists’ user experience of browsing for digital source material heavily forms and informs these works. Case Simmons & Andrew Burke take cues from early traditions of collage; notably the Surrealist collages of Max Ernst and the political photomontages of John Heartfield. As individual components, each appropriated photograph has been painstakingly cut, scaled, and digitally overlaid until the accumulation across the picture plane suggests a unifying perspectival space.

But just as the lineage of their work reaches back 300 years, it is firmly rooted in their particular understanding of the contemporary conditions of a viral media ecosystem. Experiencing a Simmons & Burke work, the viewer can virtually retrace the non-linear stops in the process of a labyrinthine google search. You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth gives expression to a cut-and-paste culture, where the promiscuity of images reigns.

Simmons & Burke

Kim Light Gallery: “You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth”

[via BeautifulDecay]

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