Real Typewriter Controls The iPad

Real Typewriter Controls The iPad

A retro-style USB keyboard acts as a more physical input device for computers.

Naresh Kumar
  • 14 june 2010

Good news for those who are still clutching onto to their old manual typewriters, not wanting to throw them in the scrap. Jack Zylkin, a designer and modder, can convert an old typewriter into a keyboard for any USB-capable system such as a PC, Mac or even an iPad. Here’s how the USB Typewriter works: the keys strike a board to create a circuit which is piped out of an A-Type connector. Jack claims that the modification is easy to install, involves no messy wiring and doesn’t change the outward appearance of the typewriter.

A pre-assembled model costs $400-$500, while a DIY kit is around $75.

Watch a video demo below:

USB Typewriter

[via Engadget]

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