Sainsbury’s To Set Up “Bee Hotels” In Its Stores

Sainsbury’s To Set Up “Bee Hotels” In Its Stores

The UK supermarket chain is taking major initiatives to increase the population of bees.

Naresh Kumar
  • 22 june 2010

The UK’s leading supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s has recruited bee expert Robin Dean to set up and maintain a network of ‘bee hotels’ at its stores in London. The move is a part of the company’s initiative to help rejuvenate the country’s dwindling population of solitary bees. A few months back. PSFK had also written about Sainsbury’s other Bee Pollination initiatives.

Dean hopes that setting up bee hotels will help increase the ailing bee population and give them more insights on why the population has decreased so dramatically over the past few years. These bee hotels are designed to offer an ideal habitat for bees to raise larvae, which are collected by Robin and incubated until they are ready to be placed back into the hotel to hatch. The hotels will be situated on the roofs of the stores that have been ear-marked for the network.

And in case, anyone is concerned about bee stings, Robin says:

Solitary bees are different to honey bees. They live in isolation rather than as part of a hive. They don’t make honey, so have nothing to protect, making them docile and very unlikely to sting, so customers need not worry!

Here’s Robin Dean talking about Sainsbury’s bee hotels initiative:


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