Sculptural Props For Digital Memories

Sculptural Props For Digital Memories

A new public art project by Miranda July invites crowd interaction, making the participants part of the work.

Lisa Baldini
  • 1 june 2010

In a play that blurs sculpture, public performance, and crowd participation, a Deitch Projects installation offers Miranda July‘s Eleven Heavy Things, a series of sculptural props for people to pose with in New York’s Union Square. Deitch explains how audience participation is paramount to the work:

The pieces invite viewers to mount inscribed pedestals, stand under elaborate headdresses and insert their limbs into holes. A work that begins as a sculpture metamorphoses into countless performances, only complete when viewers photograph their interactions and share them in blogs and emails. At this point, the audience changes and the participants become the subject of the work.

In the age of the networked image, this is another strategic move that shows how Deitch Projects has often made projects that gesture outside of the confines of the art world–outside of art just for the collector’s market. In offering these specific objects for the audience to appropriate, the objects could live on in the mementos and recorded history of people’s digital personas, perhaps a more powerful experience for art reception than the canonization of the work.

Eleven Heavy Things will be on display from May 29th to October 3rd in Union Square Park in New York City.

Deitch Projects: “Eleven Heavy Things by Miranda July”

[via: ANP Quarterly]

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