There’s Beauty In The Breakdown

There’s Beauty In The Breakdown

Graphic designer Sol del Rio from Buenos Aires experiments with 3D visual collaborations, music and traditional art exhibits on canvas.

Courtney Boyd Myers
  • 16 june 2010

Fresh from Buenos Aires, 29-year-old graphic designer Sol del Rio has worked with clients as big as Levi’s and is gaining incredible exposure for her work with installations, 3D visual collaborations and traditional art exhibits on canvas. Her latest show “Ojos de leopardo,” (eyes of a leopard) features a series of geometric paintings and sculptures including a painting of a blue leopard.

Each tuft of fur and detail on the leopard is a micro painting, “inspired by Haikus,” she says. The radiant young artist digitally recreated each micro scene and toyed with the projected images to mirror each other and fade in and out to ZZK artist, Villa Diamante’s music.

See the video here:

Sol de Rio’s paintings, sculptures and graphic projections rely heavily on geometric inspiration, a testament to the influence of her father, an engineer and her mother, a music teacher.


Check out more of her work with creative agency FeatBA here.

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