Portable retail experiences along with mobile technology inspire a concept that blurs the lines between physical and digital retail experiences.

There were a couple of really interesting overall themes in the Future of Retail report that led us to this concept. One was the portability of the retail experience – whether that’s portable fixtures within a space, hitting the road with a portable store, or the technology to create a retail experience virtually anywhere. The other was the emergence of new, unexpected ways the mobile phone is being used to close the sale (even literally). So we thought it would be interesting to see what you could create by breaking apart the conventional retail space into more portable pieces but keeping them connected through a mobile experience. 

SQFT is a 12-inch-by-12-inch stage that would allow consumers to turn a little corner of their home into one square foot of personal retail space. The SQFT surface would feature an augmented-reality glyph so that when viewed through a mobile phone or webcam, a user would see the item currently for sale hovering above the stage. Every day one item “appears” for sale (similar to woot.com), exclusively available through SQFT. You could either click to buy, or just enjoy the virtual view.

SQFT: A little piece of retail in your home that acts as a virtual stage for merchandise.

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