Taped Together: A Crowdsourced Summer Playlist

Taped Together: A Crowdsourced Summer Playlist

A broader collaboration, and modern-day, digital take on the previously more-personal notion of the mixtape.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 24 june 2010

BBH Labs’ Mel Exon and Maria Popova (aka “Brainpicker”) have collaborated- and joined the cultural propellers of crowdsourcing and content curation – to cull together Volume 2 of Taped Together, a crowdsourced summer playlist for 2010. The playlist can be downloaded here.

From each day between June 1 and June 22, the Summer Solstice, they asked a different interesting person they knew to curate a summer-inspired song. On June 22, the playlist was released as a free download.

Volume 1 was released last winter, with the participation of 31 individuals each curating one season-inspired song for every day of December. The playlist was released as a holiday mixtape on December 31.

Taped Together

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