The Case For Quirky Brands

The Case For Quirky Brands

The Hendricks Gin "Curiositorium" got us thinking about brands that tell a story by embracing their quirks and niche appeal.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 23 june 2010

A recent New York Times article about a beautiful new Hendrick’s Gin website – the Curiositorium – got us thinking about brands that differentiate themselves by playing up their more curious, or quirky sides. With a proclamation like “it’s not for everyone”, Hendrick’s is not trying to appeal to the masses, but appears to embrace that its flavor profile might be more compelling to a select portion of the population than, say, vodka drinkers. The website and corresponding social media campaign celebrates its curious history and other unusual items.

Hendricks got us thinking about some other brands that appear to be embracing and celebrating their quirks to generate – and tell a story behind – curiosity. It doesn’t hurt that at least a couple  of these brands and their agencies are being awarded for it:

New York Times: The ‘Curious’ Case of Gin

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