Trashy Bags UpCycles Ghana’s Plastic Garbage Into New Products

Trashy Bags UpCycles Ghana’s Plastic Garbage Into New Products

Solving Ghana's plastic waste issue offers economic growth alongside environmental improvements.

Lisa Baldini
  • 9 june 2010

Every solution has its negative consequences, so is the case of Ghana’s waste plastic problem. Plastic drink satchels, used to hold clean water, ice-cream and yoghurt litter the streets of Ghana’s capital city of Accra, clogging the gutters and helping to cause floods.

Business man Stuart Gold saw an opportunity to develop an NGO that would deal with the waste issue while growing Ghana’s economy. His solution: Trashy Bags, a line of bags comprised of Ghana’s colorful plastic waste. As a result, 150 plus workers are dedicated to collecting waste and producing the bags. The bags are reported to be popular with tourists and locals alike, and are also exported to Japan, Germany and Denmark.

Trashy Bags

[Via: World Changing]

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