The UniCab concept pays special attention to elevating the taxi experience for passengers with disabilities.

The UniCab is a new NYC specific taxi concept which aims to improve the passenger experience and move the taxi fleet to a more sustainable position. For passengers with disabilities, the UniCab has specific features which improves the use of the vehicle and provides more dignity for passengers.

Most cabs today have rear entry and exit doors to service passengers with disabilities forcing them to pass between parked cars or between traffic. The UniCab has side a side access motorized doors and a ramp for access. This allows someone in a wheel chair to access the cab safely from the sidewalk. The interior of the vehicle provides space for wheelchair access for seating next to the driver. Rather than being stuck in the back and having to yell directions, this seating adjacency makes communicating with the driver easier. Access to the front or middle of the vehicle also allows disabled passengers to enjoy the same view as regular riders, making the experience equal for all passengers.

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