(Video) The Sun’s Music

(Video) The Sun’s Music

Scientists have discovered that solar magnetic loops produce sounds similar to how oscillation emits notes from guitar strings.

Yofred Moik
  • 22 june 2010

Scientists have discovered that the magnetic loops which wrap around the sun are coiling in ways that are able to give off sounds in a similar method  to how oscillation produces sounds from guitar strings. Blast waves and explosions from the sun’s surface compose these notes. Using the sound emitted from the sun, scientists may be able to eventually predict solar flare, says Professor Fáy-Siebenbürgen, head of Sheffield University’s solar physics research group. Satellites were able to provide visible vibrations from these 60,000 mile long solar loops, which were then modulated into a human audible frequency. “It was strangely beautiful and exciting to hear these noises for the first time from such a large and powerful source” says the professor. As technology unearths more of nature’s hidden intrinsic characteristics, we may be able to better understand the world around us and draw inspiration from them.

Listen to the sounds of the sun below:

As we’ve covered previously on PSFK, there a handful of artists out there who are using nature to create beautiful music:

Solar Physics and Space Plasma Research Centre (SP²RC)

Telegraph: “Music of the sun recorded by scientists”

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