Whoops A Daisy: Collaborative Kinetic Art

Whoops A Daisy: Collaborative Kinetic Art
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Kinetic artist Keith Newstead collaborates with illustrator Ralph Steadman to create a soft and wonky clockwork experiment.

Courtney Boyd Myers
  • 22 june 2010

20 years ago, artist Keith Newstead began to make hand-crafted automata or “kinetic art.” Since then he’s teamed up with Ralph Steadman, a British artist perhaps most famous for his work with gonzo journalist, Hunter S. Thompson to create some of the quirkiest, creepiest, coolest automata art around, constantly experimenting with new materials and styles in the name of movement. Many of his mechanical creations look like they belong on the set of a Tim Burton movie. (Newstead is a big fan.)

See his video of his 2009 project, “Steampunk Romance.” below:

Oops a Daisy, unpainted

Their latest collaboration “Whoops a Daisy,” formlerly called “Automatumbrella,” pictured above is, according to BlackSwan Arts

“inspired by the comedy of Jacques Tati and the random and awkward movement of old clockwork toys with a genuine affection for things that just seem a little bit wrong.”

Steadman and Newstead worked together on the concept which was finished in late May 2010. (See Steadman’s concept drawing below.) The automata makes funny noises, has water dripping into funnels, a sad soft puppy dog toy gushing wine from it’s willy, and a network of grinding clockwork against a daisy backdrop. The final product is a mechanical and graphic invention of Newstead’s skill and Steadman’s mildly disturbing illustrations.

The kinetic art is on display at the BlackSwan arts gallery in Frome near Somerset in the United Kingdom from June 19th until August 22nd, 2010.



Ralph Steadman at the Black Swan Exhibition

See the video of the final product below:

Keith Newstead

Ralph Steadman

BlackSwan Arts Gallery

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