GlastoTag uses Facebook tagging integration for a 1.3 gigapixel image of 70,000 World Cup viewers.

GlastoTag, a project that went live today, is attempting to break the world record for most people tagged in one picture. The project stitched together a humongous 1.3 giga-pixel image that captured 70,000 fans who came to Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage to watch the England vs Slovenia World Cup match. Using two 50 mega-pixel Hasselblad H4D-50 cameras equipped with a 150mm lens on top and a 100mm lens with tilt-shift adaptors on bottom, 36 images were stitched together to have it horizontally pan 180 degrees to fit the entire 350 meter wide field. The cameras were linked vertically and were manually rotated to record every 10 degree increment. With its incredibly high resolution, the image was able to capture minute details that make even the furthest audience members recognizable. By using Facebook integration, the project asks the event's participants to tag themselves and friends.

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