Yellow Disks And Insights Into The City

Yellow Disks And Insights Into The City
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A new project in London looks to unlock the stories hidden in the streets.

Tarik Fontenelle
  • 22 june 2010

In the conjoining borough to where I currently reside, the London borough of Southwark, something quite clever is occurring – the yellow disks, as seen above, have popped up in 40 locations across the SE1 borough as part of the London Festival of Architecture. Each sign is strategically placed to note that something conspicuous has happened close by and direct people to a mobile web page where passersby can read all about it.

The idea, spawned by City Insights Ltd, a company dedicated to making London the most interesting place to walk around in the world, works alongside Southwark Council’s determination to unveil its rich heritage and narrates stories in a most basic, yet effective, manner.

Keep a sharp eye out for the disks, anyone spotting them can get quick mobile access to stories such as the Red Cross Street cemetery for prostitutes, the Great Fire of Tooley Street and the origins of the Design Museum. Nice.

City Insights Ltd

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