How modern, tech-enhanced dating is actually a return to old ways.

The other day I stumbled across a movie called ‘TiMER‘ which presents an interesting and enjoyable discussion of the use of technology in the world of romance, dating, and marriage.

As you can see in the trailer, the film’s basic premise involves complications resulting from the option to purchase an implant that (using a complex combination of factors including biometrics and personality profiling) is capable of telling you when you have met your soul mate.

The implant interface is in the form of a timer.  Apparently this advanced technology can also tell you when you will meet your soul mate- at least if he/she is in the system (if not, your clock is a depressing line of zeroes until your soul mate finally gets the implant).  Some people, upon getting the implant, get the depressing row of zeroes.  Others find they’ll meet their soul mate in three days.  Others may see a wait time of years- even decades.

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