A Wall-Mounted Washing Machine

A Wall-Mounted Washing Machine
Design & Architecture

A finalist from the Elecrolux Design Lab Competition has imagined a slim version of the traditionally bulky appliance.

Yofred Moik
  • 19 july 2010

Designed by Lichen Guo, the Dismount Washer avoids the bulky form of conventional washing machines through its mobile nature and space-saving design. Dirty laundry can be inserted into a portable container that latches onto an “energy stick.” The washing process involves high-pressure steam while rotating the module. Perhaps it can be used in conjunction with another wall-oriented laundry concept – the wall-mounted laundry basket. The Dismount Washer concept design is one of the 8 finalist from the Electrolux Design Lab Competition.  The contest asked designers and inventors to focus on creative solutions for compact living.

Electrolux Design Lab Competition

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