Arthur Potts Dawson: Nature Doesn’t Create Waste

Arthur Potts Dawson: Nature Doesn’t Create Waste

The London chef is expanding the idea of what it means to be a green restaurant.

Naresh Kumar
  • 16 july 2010

English entrepreneur Arthur Potts Dawson, who we covered a few months back for his People’s Supermarket project, recently spoke at TEDGlobal 2010 about sustainability and his ambition of becoming one of the world’s first “green chefs”.

Its not a far-fetched dream for Dawson whose two restaurants in London, the Acorn House and the Waterhouse, already run on a minimize-waste principle. The Acorn House has recycled wood-made tables and chairs and uses wind power to generate electricity for the lights. No water is allowed to go waste; it is trickled through a filtration system to water the plants.

The Waterhouse too emulates Dawson’s vision and uses clean energy to run most of its operations. Solar panels provide hot water, while the energy source for cooking comes from the nearby Regent’s Canal.

Dawson is planning 3 more restaurants with the same eco-conscious, no wastage theme.

A quote from Wired succinctly explains his ethos:

“Nature doesn’t create waste,” says Potts Dawson, explaining his reasoning for the projects. “It’s all in cycles. We can fit into those cycles.”

Arthur Potts Dawson

Wired: “London’s sustainable restaurants for ‘green chefs'”

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