Barcodes As Media Channel: Food52 Recipes On Stickybits

Barcodes As Media Channel: Food52 Recipes On Stickybits

Food52 offers another example of how barcodes (and a smartphone) can serve as a gateway to relevant content.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 28 july 2010

Food52, a website ‘where kitchens meet’, is using stickybits to provide access to their recipe database while you’re at the grocery store, or in your kitchen. The site has linked hundreds of their community’s recipes to the bar codes on ingredients across the country.

The stickybits iPhone or Android app will now allow you to scan Domino’s light brown sugar and pull up a recipe for Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies, or for Blueberry Almond Breakfast Polenta using Organic Valley Sour Cream. Food52 is also encouraging users to attach their own recipes.

Another example of how actual products (or their barcode) can serve as a media channel, linking directly to related content – and the still nascent opportunity for more brands to tap into.


[via MobileBehavior]

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