Bicycle Charges USB Devices When Pedaled

Bicycle Charges USB Devices When Pedaled
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A DIY project installs a small generator on a bike to charge electronics.

Yofred Moik
  • 8 july 2010

Instructables user dbc1218 has posted a tutorial on creating the USB Bike Generator, which places a small generator onto a bicycle to charge USB devices while pedaling. The invention uses a stepper motor to generate the electricity, and a voltage regulator to maintain a constant 5 volts required for USB ports.  The inventor states that after having two prior iterations of the USB Bike Generator to flatten out some kinks, he discovered a 7:1 ratio for bicycle diameter to generator diameter optimal to balance power and efficiency. The project harnesses human-powered energy to make an eco-friendly mode of transportation even more green.

USB Bike Generator

[via lifehacker]

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