Could separate roads for bike riders encourage the habit?

Slate's Nimble Cities project aims to make city transportation more efficient, safe and pleasant. The site recently encouraged its readers to come up with their best ideas on the matter. Several of these ideas pertained to making specialized roadways for cyclists in cities. Tom Vanderbilt, in his column on Slate writes about Bicycle Highways.

Tom mentions that all the major cities in the world are encouraging people to ride bicycles to lessen traffic congestion on roads and improving the health of their people. But one of the hurdles they have to overcome is the rightful fear of safety while cycling, as riders have to share the roads with cars and trucks. For this, he suggests exclusive infrastructure for cyclists, giving instances from the Netherlands, where every new road built has provision for cycles and parking, and in Denmark, which has ‘bicycle superhighways' for its cycling commuters with green wave lights and bicycle service stations along the way.

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