Billions Of Gallons Of Water From Alaskan Lake To Be Shipped To India

Billions Of Gallons Of Water From Alaskan Lake To Be Shipped To India

A first-of-its-kind large scale export of a natural resource from one country to another.

Naresh Kumar
  • 16 july 2010

In what could be a sign of things to come, a Texas-based water supply management company, S2C Global Systems, has announced it will ship billions of gallons of water annually from an Alaskan city to India. The company will buy water from the Blue Lake Reservoir in Sitka, Alaska and export over 3 billion gallons each year to India and other parts of Asia.

India is experiencing a rapid growth in population, but the improvements in water management and purification have not been able to keep up with the population rate. Strangely enough, there was not much opposition by Alaskans living near the lake reservoir who seem to believe they have enough water to meet their needs and then some more.

Treehugger sums up the situation accurately:

Fresh water is set to be the next “big oil” of the world, with supplies in some areas growing exceedingly tight. Technologies from smart metering to irrigation management to purification all seem to be slower to reach areas like India than tankers of exported water. However, while businesses are dashing to find a profit in water exportation, water management will need to become far more popular globally if we’re to avoid a worldwide water shortage. Just as is the case with energy management, smart water management could spare us from needing to haul water half way across the globe at major environmental expenses.

S2C Global Systems

Treehugger: “US Company Set to Ship Billions of Gallons of Water from Alaska to India”

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