Textile manufacturing company promotes sustainable clothing by using waste as its raw material.

Bionic Yarn is a New York-based textile manufacturing company that uses recycled plastic beverage bottles as a raw material to produce premium yarns and fabrics that are used in making backpacks, luggage, handbags and various kinds of apparel for some of the leading fashion houses such as Moncler, Gap and Mountain Hardware.

Buzz-Beast explains their process of producing the yarn from recycled plastic:

The Bionic yarn constructing is achieved by covering a PETE (recycled plastic) corespun yarn in a helix formation with two surface filament layers in opposite directions. This creates a counterforce on each component and there by binds them together, having an effect similar to a “Chinese finger trap.” This in turn creates an extremely durable fabric. The alternate fibers used in the core and the helix of bionic hlx yarn are nylon, high tenacity polyester, lycra, and cotton.

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