Creating A New Vision For Food Magazines

Creating A New Vision For Food Magazines
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The future of food magazines viewed through the lens of tablet technology.

Kyana Gordon
  • 29 july 2010

Simple concepts play a major role in launching big ideas, and William Hereford certainly nailed it with Cooking Dinner Vol. 1 . Perfectly soundtracked to the voice of Yves Montand, this visual recipe melds video with typography making way for a food preparation experience that is wholly driven by process. Designed with tablet technology in mind, Hereford explains why it’s the perfect fit:

Tablets (and the internet really) provide the opportunity to look at moving images with the same studied intensity as a still photograph. Traditionally we are at the director’s mercy regarding when a shot begins and ends- the whole experience is fleeting, which can be wonderful, but I like the idea of creating a moving image which runs on a loop or is shot over a long period of time so the media can be consumed and studied in ways a traditional film cannot.

With the redefinition of how content is created, shared, and digested, Cooking Dinner Vol. 1 definitely gets the mental wheels spinning on the potential direction of food magazines, with thought to beautifully shot, yet easily digestible vignettes.

Cooking Dinner Vol. I from William Hereford on Vimeo.

Cooking Dinner Vol. 1

[via NPR: The Picture Show]

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