In return for helping to fund the project, fans receive personalized merchandise, and get to offer their input on the film's script.

David Lynch, the director of films like Eraserhead and Mulholland Drive, has turned to his fans to help fund his new movie. Lynch is asking fans to donate $50 to finance the film in return for an original print of his self-portrait. The film, Lynch Three, will be a documentary about his life and work and the fans who donate will also get a chance to offer input on the film's content.

Jon Nguyen, producer for the film explains the ‘crowd-funding' concept:

A film can take a long time to finance so we had this crowd-funding idea. We went to David Lynch for his seal of approval and he was up for it. He ended up making an abstract self-portrait and we're going to give an original print of it to anyone who chooses to donate $50 towards the film, or a T-shirt featuring the print. We hope to raise part of the money in this way.

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