Designing To Discourage Behavior

Designing To Discourage Behavior

Intentionally breaking the rules of strong design can be applied to dissuade consumers from bad habits - including smoking.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 27 july 2010

Erik Askin‘s blog showcases the notion that ‘design to annoy’ might actually be employed in order to discourage consumers from bad habits – in this case, smoking. By breaking the traditional rules of design and reverting what current cigarette packaging is currently meant to optimize – accessibility, portability, branding and manufacturing – the Diamond Carton would instead minimize these factors. Cigarettes would be harder to take out of the package, more challenging to fit in a pocket, require more material to manufacture and allow for less room for the brand to stand out on a shelf. In short, the Diamond Carton would purposely break the rules of design in order to annoy smokers and cigarette manufacturers – and make one work harder for that nicotine fix.

A very creative means of breaking the usual rules of ‘good’ product and package design – and employing avoidance conditioning – to de-motivate individuals off a habit.

[via Erik Askin]

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