A group of young designers from Spain repurpose construction waste as a series of urban furniture.

A group of young designers from Barcelona, NutCreatives, have repurposed construction waste to create a series of urban furniture called Relaja. Unused marble slabs derived from construction processes are stacked and encapsulated by a steel mesh and to avoid the use of harmful adhesives and showcase the use of urban materials.  The stone modules are then bridged together by FSC-certified wood from a sustainably managed forest to form the bench. The underlying idea for this project was to publicly exemplify practical ways to implement eco-innovations to inspire similar future entrepreneurial activities.  NutCreatives hopes to stimulate local city economy by infusing new job opportunities for young people by having them implement low-cost smart ideas like the Relaja.  Relaja strives to become a tool for occupational education for those threatened with social and economic exclusion.

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