Facebook Fatigue: Dissatisfaction Growing Amongst Younger Members

Facebook Fatigue: Dissatisfaction Growing Amongst Younger Members

A recent survey shows that users are getting tired of the popular social network.

Naresh Kumar
  • 23 july 2010

Ypulse recently undertook a survey of 1,000 teens and college students to understand how their social networking habits have changed over time. The results revealed some interesting stats suggesting that some young people are indeed affected by “Facebook Fatigue“-a phenomenon of  users spending less and less time on it.

The survey found that even though Facebook was still the most popular social network, more than 25 percent of the students reported spending less or no time at all anymore on the site. So, what was the reason for this Facebook Fatigue? Ypulse gives some insights from its survey:

As for what was driving the change among the fatigued, we saw an interesting split between high school males and females. While 50 percent of girls claimed to be “tired of trying to keep up with all the activity” required of leading a demanding digital social life, guys appeared to be getting pulled and pushed in a different direction with 47 percent saying “most of my friends are using other sites now” (possibly gaming or a community more interest-driven?) and 44 percent blaming Mom and Dad for crashing the party (more than half of those surveyed had parents on Facebook).

Ypulse also asked its survey participants what Facebook could do to improve its user experience:

When it came to what the social network could do to improve the user experience, the points of contention were more universal: fewer ads and more privacy controls. Ad annoyance was also echoed in the stat that over half of Facebook users had never clicked through an ad before, and nearly half (48 percent) said they would gladly switch over to an ad-free network.

Ypulse Research Status Update: Facebook Fatigue

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