Fiat Brazil Suggests The First Co-Created Car

Fiat Brazil Suggests The First Co-Created Car
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Fiat Mio will be the first concept vehicle created under Creative Commons licensing.

Mauricio Soares
  • 16 july 2010


Fiat Mio

Celebrating its 30 years in Brazil in 2006, Fiat launched the campaign “Fiat 30 years, inviting you to think about the future”, which displayed children and teenagers expressing their feelings about the future. On the Internet, people could leave their impressions about the next 30 years (in audio, video or text) and discuss the world we live in.

The first embryo of the initiative was the FCC I (Fiat Concept Car I), a 100% Brazilian coupé inspired by SUV aesthetics, developed by Fiat Brazil Style Center according to guidelines extracted from the online interactions.


FCC II, a concept created entirely around the “environment & fun” proposition came next. More than being an eco-friendly car, the FCC II was designed for a pleasurable ride, evident at first sight. It was the result of intense research on alternative materials that are non-pollutant and recyclable, but it also has a playful persona.


Last year, the Italian giant took a step further. Following the thoughts of Michelangelo, who said that every block of stone contains a piece of art, Fiat decided to engage people in the creation of a huge block of ideas, from which the new Fiat Mio (FCC III) will be chiseled. All ideas will be registered under Creative Commons guidelines and should be available for the whole industry.

“As a Concept Car, the goal of the FCC III is to work as an experiment for new concepts of mobility. We do not have a prediction as to when it will be commercialized. Instead, however, this project must be seen as a proposal for the future- as a demonstration of the solutions that might be incorporated into cars within the next few years, obtained through a revolutionary concept of collaborative work: for the first time in history, users are directly involved in the research process and development taking place in one of the biggest car makers in the world.” From

In just over four months of collaboration, about ten thousand Internet users in over 40 countries expressed more than seven thousand ideas, suggestions and requests that will help to build the Brazilian Fiat Mio, which will be presented at São Paulo’s International Motor Show in October 2010.

From these inputs, Fiat concluded that most people want a car that is comfortable, safe, propelled by clean fuels, which offers an evolution in infotainment systems (the interface between the user and the car for communication, navigation and media access) and new possibilities of modularity and customization.

The company also noted that, among all participant profiles, those who really craved for new solutions and paradigms were inhabitants of big cities, who face the most pollution and noite and who often get stuck in a traffic jams where 90% of cars  are occupied by only one person.

While the Mio is not completely developed, you can track its progress in the Making Of section of the project site. The page features updated content and sustains the conversation between consumer and manufacturer.

In collaboration with Nara Bianconi

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