The popular location based social network is planning a new strategy to bring in more users.

Foursquare may be adding additional gaming elements into its location-based social networking service to attract more customers. Currently, Foursquare users earn points and badges for ‘checking-in' at various venues that can be redeemed against special deals.

At The Big Money’s Disruptors podcast yesterday, Foursquare engineer Anoop Ranganath hinted on revamping its gaming element to make it a more ‘Choose Your Own Adventure‘ style:

Foursquare is a game. If you think about games that allow you to level up in different ways and games that allow you to specialize. If you think about the city as the board of your game, you can’t do everything. We’re going to introduce gaming mechanics that allow you to choose a path that you’re going to go on and earn certain achievements.

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