George Parker is the perpetrator of Every week he shares his opinions on the advertising world with PSFK.

Once a year, Idaho is blessed by the presence of some of the richest and most evil media and new technologies moguls you could ever wish to have nightmares about. Yes, it’s the annual Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference, and the usual cast of movers and shakers assembled last week to cook up deals and plan the final, ultimate takeover of your social networking addled brains.

All the wankers I love to write about flew their massive jets into tiny Hailey airport after getting permission from Bruce Willis, who owns the airport and just about everything else in Hailey. Attendees included the Wizened of Oz (Rupert Murdoch) and his child bride, Wendy Deng, carrying a five day supply of horse tranquilizers. The Poisoned Dwarf (Sir Martin Sorrell.) The Shogun of Redwood Shores (Larry Ellison). And quite possibly, every Hollywood Tycoon and Silicon Valley wanker you could think of. The only interesting “no-show,” yet again, was GodJobs, who probably thought they should all come to pay him homage at the Dark Star on DeAnza Blvd!

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