Thoughts on brands, social media and online immersive environments.

I was talking to a smart marketing guy in San Jose and we were talking about how to craft brands in the Cluetrain era, now that we can’t shout at the consumer until they “get it.”

Most of the properties being created in the social media space are haunted by a problem. They are designed to be companionable and interesting. They are intended to be something the consumer will like well enough to repurpose for their own purposes.

When this, being companionable and being useful, is the condition of entry, we know that we can not honk the brand horn loudly. Indeed it’s not even clear we can mention it in anything more than a whisper. Anything more forthcoming makes us conspicuous and the marketing property disagreeable and distinctly not the kind of thing the consumer wishes to distribute through their own networks, under their own names, as it were.

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