Sitraka Rakotoniaina creates designs which manipulate our perceptions of reality.

Interaction Designer Sitraka Rakotoniaina has created an ultra real set of experiences with his hyper-normal contraptions. Presuming that the brain is the filter for the perception of reality — how we understand time and space, whether we are discrete or continuous — Rakotonia’s attempts to give that reality a little twist. In each instance, time is reduced to a parameter that is easily modulated and disassociates the brain from the rest of the experience of the body.

For instance, in “Time Conditioning” Raktoniaina creates a prosthesis to train the arm’s reflexes to operate at the speed of a fly. While this would seem to speed up the reflexes, the actual result would effectively allow the neurons in the muscle to experience time in “slow motion”. In effect, the body and mind would experience time on two different intervals.

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