Jaguar/Wallpaper* XJ Concept: Capable Of A New Level Of Driving Comfort and Distraction

Jaguar/Wallpaper* XJ Concept: Capable Of A New Level Of Driving Comfort and Distraction

The automaker and publisher team up to create a concept car that is half first class airline cabin and half iPad.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 15 july 2010

Jaguar recently created a bespoke luxury concept of their new flagship XJ sedan with inspiration infused in the interior from the pages of Wallpaper* magazine. The concept is intended to project luxury ques of the future and a vision of what in-car technology will look like. The designers adapted the multi-functional seating attributes from a first class airline cabin chair and applied them to the seats in the XJ as chief Jaguar designer Giles Taylor explains:

Our concept is equally at home moving swiftly between business engagements, or leaving the city behind for a weekend at a country retreat. It’s a car that’s primarily designed to be enjoyed from the rear seats. When the front passenger seat is not occupied, it can be re-configured along with the seat behind it to create a luxurious full length bed.



The front passenger seat can also swivel around to face the passengers in the rear for that meeting on the go.

The XJ’s other notable feature is the in-cab technology. Spanning the center console the entire length of the interior is a touch screen information panel called the iPool. This system allows individual devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops to be connected to the iPool and information can be transferred between occupants within the vehicle. Passengers in the rear have their own touch screens which can display daily newspapers, access video, and make phone calls. The car as gadget does look cool and would probably look like a space ship driving around at night but there might be a couple of problems here. First, How long would you need to drive around with an IT professional in the passenger seat explaining and troubleshooting all these systems before it becomes intuitive. Second, I’m not sure transferring files at 70 mph is such a good idea. But as a reminder this is a concept so some of that reality stuff can remain a bit fuzzy.

The XJ concept does propose to use a plug-in-hybrid powertrain and be manufactured from 75% recycled materials. There are also solar panels on the roof which provide the energy to power the iPool and other interior electronics.



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