Leave Messages On The Beach With Oversized ‘Sand-Printer’

Leave Messages On The Beach With Oversized ‘Sand-Printer’
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A concept from Spain's Zana design lets users walk inside a wheel that leaves messages along the seashore.

Yofred Moik
  • 2 july 2010

Zana Design, a Spanish design consultancy heavy into conceptual projects, created a large wheel that users walk inside of (think hamster-wheels for humans) to inscribe messages onto the sand.  Zana designed the ‘Sand-Printer’ with the intention to help spread democratic messages that uplift Spain’s 1812 proclamation, but we think that its purpose can be further expanded – like inscribing the beach with advertisements, marriage proposals, temporary novels, etc.

They explain:

The Constitution of 1812 established freedom of the press and this projects seeks to familiarize citizens with the concept underlying the law, using this new law as the basis to inspire a new era of information and free thought.

The user enters the wheel and with the balance of his weight the wheel will begin turning in the sand, at the same time displaying the message.  This is personalized prior to departing, since the letters must be attached to the outside panels of the structure in a workshop.  The message can be a phrase with large letters or a paragraph with small letters.

Zana Design

[via rebelart]


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