How do we make the public library as convenient as Amazon or Netflix?

It's one of the main tenets of business that you bring your product where the demand is the highest and it's most likely to get noticed. But what if your goal is to get today's youth excited about reading? Logic says if you want to find the customer you've got to reach their favorite haunts, which in today's society often includes the local mall. Recently, the Dallas Public Library system opened one of it's newest branches, Bookmarks, at a local upscale mall – which has seen its readership soar. The library, primarily aimed at kids 12 and under, has been an extraordinary success based on the fact that it offers unconventional access to families who might otherwise not have the time or resources to make a trip to a traditional public library. However, this new marketing strategy for libraries is part of a grander plan to bring books, and public education, back into the everyday life of America.

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