The Facadeprinter system can be used for a variety of applications to print on large outdoor surfaces.

A trio of designers from Berlin have been developing a remarkable device, called the Facadeprinter, that can be used to print drawings on rocks, walls and other large surfaces from distances up to 12 meters. The paintball based system is designed for commercial applications, performances and crisis communications.

The creators explain:

The printer is equipped with an industrial PC which is running the specially programmed printing software. The machine is operated by touchscreen. Artworks can be loaded from USB-devices in the file format SVG. With an integrated camera photos of the printing area can be taken and overlayered with a printing preview. This way position and scaling can be adjusted optimally on site. The distance to the wall is measured by infrared-meter and entered manually. The printing software calculates the driving coordinates regarding both the perspective and the ballistic distortion.

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