Writer Andrew Dana Hudson explains how globalization can flow both ways.

Andrew Dana Hudson reports on his experience living and working abroad. After graduating college last year, and having little luck finding a job in the US,  Hudson moved to India to work for Sikkim NOW, an English-language daily newspaper. He now lives well on about $10 a week.

He explains:

In tough economic times, living in the developing world actually makes a lot of financial sense. In the more prosperous 90s and aughties, plenty of educated and highly skilled Indians moved to America and Europe to find jobs. The cost of living there was higher, but if they made even a little above their expenses, that money would translate into a huge amount back home. What I'm doing is a reversal of that. With opportunities for making ends meet so hard to come by in the States, I have moved to a place where a little savings and family support go a lot farther. Globalization can flow both ways.

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