A Web app from Ricardo Cabello turns the browser into a canvas for simultaneous drawing.

The recent popularization of cyber-collaborative sites that network anonymous users together are now joined by Multiuser Sketchpad, which uses the browser as the canvas for multiple users to draw simultaneously. Created by Ricardo Cabello, the webapp runs off of node.js programming. Some user habits include scribbling on top of others nice drawings, writing collaborative stories, connecting drawings, etc. Similar to how chat-roulette randomly connected anonymous people together through video feeds, Multiuser Sketchpad is an outlet for artists to visually share their ideas through sketching. When users access the site, they are assigned a handle and begin to interact and express their thoughts with others using their digital pencil. Users can then click on “save sketch” to access a png copy of the multi-collaborative drawing, and perhaps print and frame it to create a gallery of anonymously-generated digital art.

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